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ELRI Services

The ELRI project is intended to provide services related to the collection, preparation, storage and sharing of language resources. These services are provided via National Relay Stations, websites based in the Member States that are part of the initiative.

Users that have registered to an ELRI National Relay Stations can upload their data and benefit from fully prepared resources. For instance, users can upload collections of documents in different languages and retrieve translation memories that will have been created automatically by our integrated data processing engines.

Users can decide to share a given resource with a specific group of users, at the national level between similar public organisations, with the European Commission to help improve European public translation services, or with the community at large for data that can be shared without restrictions.

Only registered users can browse and download those resources that have been made available to the groups to which they belong, according to the licensing terms under which the resources are provided.

Managing Language Resources

To benefit from the services of this ELRI National Relay Station, users should follow the following procedure:

  • New users should first register. Once your account credentials have been validated, you can log in and either search (via the Browse Resources menu) or contribute ((via the Contribute Resources menu) language resources.
  • For each language resource, you will be asked to provide the languages of its content, a short title, the group with which you wish to share the resource, and the associated licensing conditions (see below).
  • Users who require the creation of a specific group of users for sharing purposes, beyong the available user groups, can contact us via the Contact menu.
  • Once the resource has been fully prepared by our data processing engines, you will receive a notification email and will be able to download the prepared resource. If further information were needed about the resource and its licensing conditions, you may be contacted by an ELRI responsible.
  • Until clearance has been granted, the resource can only be viewed by authorised reviewers of the National Relay Station. Once clearing is granted, the prepared resource will be downloadable by users of the authorised group of users, in accordance to its licensing conditions.

Licensing Language Resources

Any grant of access to language resources via this National Relay Station should include not only the right to read the relevant content but also to allow transformative uses, dissemination and distribution of such resources and their derivatives, according to the needs and policies of language resource owners and users.

To limit the complexity of licensing, we strongly advise data providers to use one of the standard licences, i.e. Creative Commons and open national licences indicated below, which are pre-selected in the data upload form for convenience.

Users can also provide a licence of their choice by uploading a PDF file detailing the licensing conditions. These user-specific licenses will be reviewed by responsibles from the ELRI National Relay Station to assess whether this specific license meets the required terms of conditions for sharing via ELRI.


ValueFull name with link to licence text or definition
International/National Data Licences

Public DomainUsed for resources that are free of all known legal restrictions
Open Under PSIUsed for resources that are PSI-compliant and no further information is required or available
CC0-1.0Creative Commons Zero
CC-BY-4.0Creative Commons Attribution v4.0
CC-BY-NC-4.0Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial v4.0
CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike v4.0
CC-BY-SA-4.0Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v4.0
National Data Licences

LO-OL-v2Licence Ouverte / Open Licence v2.0 (France)
ODbL-1.0 Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0 (France)